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The Matthesius Proposal

Moonlight Beach, CA || October 10, 2017

This was an honor to shoot this special moment. Ashley Matthesius asked Aubrey Barnett to be his one and only on the sands of Moonlight beach at sunset. The three of us girls were trying to hide behind my telephoto lens as they held hands walking down the beach. It didnt take long for Aubrey to see the beautiful set up and see us. After that, we couldn't help but cheer on Ashley as he got down on one knee and 'make an honest woman' out of Aubrey ;)

p.s. I say 'make an honest woman' because as the two love birds sat on the beach soaking in the excitement of being engaged, a homeless man came up to them and said, "When I get home I plan to ask my girl to marry me...I already got her pregnant...so I'm gonna make an honest woman out of her now"