She Batyoung Bound!

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It all started when…

Brook left her wallet in DJ's car in Newport, CA after hanging out one night with friends. She wasn't looking for a relationship at the time but something about DJ had her struck. They both had a passion for sports and youth ministry and about 2 weeks of being "friends" they made it official. It wasn't long until DJ and Brook fell in love and DJ bought a ring for Brook. I remember about 3 months after they started dating, DJ pulled me aside and showed me the most beautiful ring and asked for my blessing. I was shocked 1) because it was the most beautiful rock I had ever seen and 2) it had only been 3 months. But of course I said yes because he is literally perfect for her. So we planned this "styled shoot" for 3 months making sure it went perfect and that Brook definitely didn't find out. When it came to the day, Brook was so stressed out because she couldn't find a dress and didn't understand why they had to be the models for this shoot. DJ remained calm and it almost concerned Brook. Thanks to Lindsey Menter of Menter Artistry and Bree Birmingham, Brook was looking like a million bucks and it was time! At sunset on March 24th, in the middle of the "styled shoot" DJ got down on one knee and proposed to Brook as she cried out with so much joy. It was one of the best moments of my entire life as I captured my baby sister saying yes to my future brother in law!