I started teaching myself about photography and playing instruments in high school, while managing being a 3.0 student athlete. I always thought that my hobbies and passions would never align with my future career. When I was a junior in college, however, that mindset shifted and I changed my emphasis to cinema arts. From there on, I have fervently prayed for my passions and creative talents to intertwine with my career, and so far God has answered.

I have always wanted to pursue photography since I was a little girl. I found myself magnetized to cameras and finding a light that no one could see. I remember getting my first DLSR for Christmas and started bawling my eyes out! Since then I have made it a point to pursue photography, not just as a passion, but as a career.

I found my passion for wedding photography when my dear friends got engaged and I did a FREE photoshoot for them. I wasn't sure how it was going to turn out, but once I got there with them, I had a blast and I was instantly hooked on shooting couples. I love the moments when I say that I'm just "testing" the lighting and I actually capture raw moments of the couples. Since then I have focused all my attention on weddings and engagements, and can I say, it has been the best time of my life. 

Pursue God and the gifts that He has prepared in you, to do good works, and you will be the most successful person that you can be.

I love:

  • JESUS!

  • Coffee...I have a coffee tattoo on my hand...

  • Music. I cant have a moment with out it. Some of my favorite artists are: Hillsong United, Alabama Shakes, The Smiths, LANY, Petit Biscuit, Bon Iver, She & Him, and literally a million more.

  • Boxing! I am training to fight in 2019 ayyooooo

  • My amazing family.

  • Bella, my beautiful Bernese Mountain dog.

  • French fries

  • Traveling

  • Waking up when the sun is shining just right through the windows, the coffee is brewing, and I have my bible open

  • My church, C3 San Diego

  • LOVE, it melts my heart to see two people in love.

  • Fun colored walls

  • Star gazers

  • Tattoos

okay I'm done now...