Mentor Sessions

Investing in yourself is THE MOST important thing you can do for your business. It’s also the FASTEST way to get to where you want to go. You are basically learning from business owners who have made mistakes, without having to make them yourself. Also, there are huge wins and nuggets that I have learned over time that I know has made my business stronger and I want you to know them so you can WIN!

So who am I helping? If you are:

  • Not a rookie, but have been trying to get your business going on your own and realizing you need some extra help.

  • Just diving into photography for the first time and want help from the start.

  • Got mad camera skillz but don't know how to navigate the business side.

  • You've been doing this for a while but are in a rut and need a fresh perspective to push you and direct you towards your big goals.

Then I can assure you that I’ve got your back!

Virtual Mentor Session

This session is for general questions about business, shooting techniques, editing, taxes (legit super important), time management and workflow, how to make clients comfortable in front of a camera, etc.

It can be from 1-2 hours over Skype or Facetime, or even Instagram cause I guess thats a thing now…

Starting at $200 an hour

In Person Mentor Session

San Diego & SoCal natives this session is awesome because we meet 1 on 1 for 1-2 hours over coffee, food or drinks (beer girl over here) and I will personally look over anything you want to fine tune.

I'll answer any questions you have, we'll bring our laptops and create some awesome stuff for you together (like pricing guides or giving your website a make-over). Also, bring a notepad or something to write down EVERYTHING so you don’t forget all the nuggets I will give you.

Starting at $300 an hour

Live Active Mentor Session

HIGHLY RECOMMEND this mentorship to photographers who are just starting out or who want to learn how to work with couples better. I will organize a 1 hour styled shoot for you where we can work together and you can see how I get couples to be comfortable before shooting, posing techniques, shooting do’s and dont’s and little gems that I carry for emergencies!

Then after the session we will sit together for 1-2 hours and go over editing, business or anything you want to talk about.

Starting at $450

So, ready to 10X your business and start crushing goals?!

Fill out the form below and lets get it rollin! I am seriously so excited and honored to hear from you soon!


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