Hong Kong

Our first stop on the 2 week journey was one of my most desired locations! Traveling to Hong Kong has always been a dream of mine and we finally get there on July 5th after flying for 14 hours straight through the 4th of July. Once we landed it felt like we were in an advanced Jurassic Park. It was so tropical with islands and green mountain tops. However, the city is so tall that it looks like the building reach space. Whats even crazier is that most transportation takes place underground. The nights are brighten by the LED screens on all the buildings and there wasnt a car cheaper than 100,000 on the road. You walk on one street and there is a dead pig head where they are selling all types of meats and fake Fendi, then the next street you have Louis V!

Hong Kong will be one of the most memorable places I have been to and I cant wait to go back!