A pure bread San Diegian, whose desire and passion is to capture the workmanship within you. Whether that's your newly engagement, long awaited wedding day, or who you are and want to show the world; Everyone has a beauty within them and within their lives and it should not be hidden. Even though I have grown up in San Diego and lived here for all my 23 years, I have traveled all over the US and even to other countries and have experienced so much culture, stories, tragedies, beauty, and God's creation. My calling has gone beyond the Southern Californian walls to take photos not for myself, but for others. Why? I'm not totally sure, I'll leave that up to my heavenly father who created me to know. However, all I know is that He has equipped me with a camera and a vision to see not just a picture, to see not just a job in photography, but to see life, to see your story, to share your beauty with other, and ultimately to build His kingdom.

- Makenna

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